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About Devaa Haley Mitchell


What is the color of your soul?

In the dark of the nightDevaa looking out with offering
In the silent blackness
What stories do you tell
About your life and why
It mattered?
Where did you leap
Off that cliff
And fly
Wings unfurled
Towards the numinous Unknown?
And whose knees did you kiss
When they were bloodied
And bare?
How many wilting flowers
Did you caress against your skin
And thank for their
Radiant beauty?
How often did you fall off your chair
Until tears and sweat were
One singing cacophony?
How much did you love and live
And celebrate
The serpentine magic
Of it all?

What is the color of your soul?

Dear Ones ~  My naDevaa with Offering - Indiame is Devaa Haley Mitchell, and it’s my delight and honor to connect with you here, SOUL TO SOUL.  And yes, I do want to know… what IS the color of your soul?

My own soul is currently expressing itself as a soul midwife and a transformational leader, supporting those who long to reconnect with their spiritual depths, unleash their leadership gifts, and step into their full potential. and I am a spiritual guide focused on the sacred feminine. If you were drawn to check out this web page, you may relate to my story.

I am someone who is a steward of the deep sacred feminine, bringing full embodiment of Her energy back onto the planet – in harmony with the divine masculine. I aim to live as Her heart and Her hands on this planet, walking the path of the Beauty Way.  I try to see the world through Her eyes, knowing we are all unconditionally loved in Her bounty and grace.

I have come to this place after a looooong path of searching, traveling, studying, practicing… to arrive at this blessed now moment. And what a gift it is!

I am someone who was well-educated and longed to lead a “successful” life.  I studied at Stanford University and got both my Bachelors and Masters degrees there. I was awarded a prestigious Fulbright scholarship for my work in the Brazilian Amazon and I was selected for a very elite corporate consulting job in my early career. So I was very “successful,” in the ways it’s normally described.

And yet… I was not I wasn’t happy. And I didn’t feel like I was making much of a positive contribution to my community or the world. Instead I sometimes felt a bit like an empty husk blowing in the wind. I didn’t understand what had happened to me. I had so closely followed the path that was mapped out so clearly by my family, by my academics… so what went wrong?

Perhaps you can relate.

Through my current work with many thousands of women (and some men too), I’ve learned that what women long for is often NOT  “success.” Instead we are seeking a deep sense of FULFILLMENT.  And the path to feminine fulfillment is quite different than the masculine pathway to success.

For most of us, the path towards fulfilment requires you to get deeply present to who you are and what brings you JOY. It’s about Screenshot 2016-05-01 13.51.44clarifying the unique gifts and talents that are living inside you, and expressing them powerfully and beautifully on the planet. It’s about doing the soul work needed to lay down the barriers that surround your own heart, so you can fully give and receive the sort of love you desire.

It’s about finding the unique color of our own SOUL, your radiant essence, and then shining it brightly on the planet.

So, here’s the real question…

Are you ready to SHINE? 

Through my own experience, I have been able to better embody and sustain my divine blueprint. I’ve also been able to expand into the next level of my being in greater than imagined ways. I am deeply grateful for the experience and am now honored to share my findings with others.

Formal Bio

Rev. Dr. Devaa is a soul midwife and a transformational leader who supports people to reconnect with their spiritual depths, unleash their leadership gifts, and step into their full potential. Devaa is co-founder of the Shift Network and Founder of Inspiring Women with Soul, which has served over 100K women from more than 160 countries. Through her healing and coaching sessions with individual clients as well as her classes and retreats, Devaa offers deeply experiential and transformative work, guiding thousands of beings from around the world to connect more deeply with spirit and to manifest fulfilling and abundant lives.

Prior to Shift Network, Devaa was the founding Executive Director of the Full Circle Fund, dedicated to building a new generation of civic leaders. She was also the Director of Member Engagement at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), an organization bridging science and spirituality. In her early career, Devaa worked as an Associate Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group where she offered management advice to Fortune 500 Companies.

Academically speaking, Devaa received a BA in Anthropology and an MA in International Development from Stanford University. She received her Doctorate in Ministry from Wisdom University. Devaa has also been ordained in two different traditions, once as a priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School, and also as interfaith minister via the Chaplaincy Institute for Arts and Interfaith Ministries. She was awarded a prestigious Fulbright Fellowship, which she used to conduct research in the Brazilian Amazon on sustainable economic development.

Devaa is also a deep believer in passionate service. For the last few years she has offered her services on a pro-bono basis as the volunteer Music Director at the San Quentin Prison’s Parallel Play Project, using the power of drama therapy to heal and transform the hearts and lives of long-term inmates. She also donates her time to various international service projects. Among other projects, she has recently lead a team to India to distribute water filters to rural areas, offered an art therapy training to domestic abuse counselors in Ecuador, and facilitated a healing program to staff members at an orphanage for HIV+ youth in Ethiopia.

In her spare time, you can often find Devaa making music! Her songs fuse East and West with groovy, danceable grooves. Her debut album, Sacred Alchemy, aims to reawaken and liberate the many dimensions of the sacred feminine.

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