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Imagine, connecting with amazing women who inspire you. Imagine sharing your unique gifts with the world… bringing the change you know is possible. Imagine feeling so LOVED and loving others so deeply that you don’t know whether you want to laugh or cry, or both.

What we’re naming might be described as living an inspired life. And we want to give you a path that will help make it real!

Making it real means you wake up each morning feeling deeply GRATEFUL for the day ahead… a life where you feel truly aligned in your body, mind and spirit. It means You’re connected to a community of powerful, kindred souls, who celebrate your heart’s desires and challenge you to live out your highest calling.

To set you on this path, we’re convening an incredible lineup of awe-inspiring women who’ll share the essential keys for living a soul-powered life — one filled with passion and purpose… and you’re invited!

Join us for Inspiring Women with Soul! Be Inspired by the Women Who Are Blazing the Trail

It’s becoming clearer each day that this is a time when the qualities of the “deep feminine” — in women and in men — are imperative for reshaping our world and our future. And if you’re a woman committed to “being the change,” we need YOU!

During Inspiring Women with Soul, you’ll hear from bold leaders who are on fire with possibility and purpose. Women who’ll tell you the truth and help support your personal journey of transformation.

You’ll be blown away by these extraordinary women who are redefining what it means to live a richly rewarding life — women who are bringing their exquisite gifts, shining their bright lights and devoting their full hearts to healing our world.

They’ll share their revolutionary wisdom and most treasured practices so you can step into your most inspired life!

Check out at the details here: Inspiring Women With Soul

This is your opportunity to experience the ecstatic reunion of your body, mind, heart and soul in a sacred community of grace.

Be prepared for a week of soul expansion, heart-opening wisdom and spiritual practices that will help you fuse the sacred masculine and feminine within you in a sacred marriage. Through this alchemical process, you’ll come intro full embodiment as a Divine Human.

You are undoubtedly someone who is committed to not only your own spiritual awakening but also to serving the world from the greatest depths of your heart and soul.

You are willing to face the heartbreaking realities of our time and boldly and courageously stand in the naked love at the very core of your being.

You are committed to show up in your tenderness and your fierceness and fight the good fight to become the most powerful, beautiful and illumined version of yourself you can possibly be in this lifetime.

You are, in short, committed to birthing the Divine Human within you.

And yet, while you are committed to this path as the heart and soul of your life’s work, you likely have many periods where your passion wanes and your inner well runs dry.

It can be very lonely trying to evolve in this way. You can face many inner and outer obstacles, many of which are difficult to surmount. Your path forward may often feel unclear because so few have blazed the evolutionary trail ahead of you … especially people in your local community.

That’s why we’re inviting you with warmth, tenderness and a dose of fierce urgency to come replenish your soul and experience joyful heights of mystical opening and the delicious depths of divine embodiment. And you’ll do it within a sacred community of sincere aspirants and dedicated servants of Spirit.

Becoming the Flame of Love is be a five-day retreat that gives a whole new meaning to the union of masculine and feminine within. It will be an astonishing adventure to the frontiers of consciousness, a wild romp to the depths of your soul and a beautiful chance to plug yourself into the heart of God/Goddess and begin to let your life be perfumed with ever-present grace.

While the retreat will be based in love and joy as its leaders, Andrew Harvey and Devaa Haley Mitchell, are true spiritual warriors. They are intensely committed to go through whatever humblings and fierce initiations are required to open to the full divinity that can move through you.

As passionate advocates of spiritual growth and transcendence, Andrew and Devaa are intimately aware of the liberating power of joy and reverential worship that can quench your inner thirst and give you the nectar that fuels your greatest work.

The Inspiring Women’s Soul Sanctuary Embody the Deep Feminine, Bathe in Beauty, and Renew Your Spirit

October 16-21st in Northern California with Devaa Haley Mitchell, Anodea Judith, Mirabai Starr, Luisah Teish, Lisa Schrader and Miranda MacPherson

Come fill your cup at this at this 6-day retreat filled with meditation, movement, and music. Together we’ll create an oasis for healing, pleasure & ecstatic celebration.



The Feminine Soul Initiation Next Cohort begins in February, 2017

Click here for details for the 2016 Program

The Feminine Soul Initiation offers a step-by-step pathway for evolving your soul and your psyche, through an initiatory journey into 13 archetypes of the sacred feminine.

Program Overview: What You Will Learn

We are excited to bring you a 6-month program that takes you into the deep inner work you need to deeply impact the world, and enjoy a fulfilling and prosperous life in all areas – your finances, your health and well-being, your relationships, your vocation and your deepest calling.

Working with Archetypes to Transform Your Inner World

One of the core principles of our work is that women become more powerful, liberated and whole, by accessing their full potential within themselves. The gateway we offer for doing this deep inner work is through archetypes – cross-cultural images that embody different aspects of the Divine Feminine.

During the certification process, we will work with 13 main archetypes, listed below, followed by the qualities or benefits they help activate when we can live out that energy fully.

By participating in the Feminine Soul Initiation, you will:

  • Enter a potent initiatory journey into reclaiming the divine feminine as she LIVES IN YOU.
  • Directly experience the power of 13 divine feminine archetypes, to step into your larger mythic story and access the deeper purpose of your life.
  • Heal and transform core wounds that have kept you playing small and avoiding showing up fully in the world with your true brilliance.
  • Learn tools and practices to bridge your ancient feminine wisdom and your modern day life.
  • Participate in an ongoing ceremonial context to transform stuck patterns that keep you from moving forward and fully giving your gifts.
  • Speak your truth more clearly, and have the courage to face difficult situations with grace and ease.
  • Nurture your feminine self, so you can stay centered in a place of calm and equanimity, amidst a busy and chaotic world.
  • Cultivate your intuition and innate wisdom so that you can access them in service to yourself and those around you.
  • Expand your feminine radiance, so you can BE who you are meant to BE, and DO what you are meant to DO.
  • Experience the strength and power of being in an activated circle with women from all over the world.


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We know that we’re here to live extraordinary lives and change the world along the way. We’ve gotten the education, many have manifested good careers, and we are committed to lives of meaning. We’ve attended the workshops, done our healing work, and stood powerfully in our truth.

devaa-blog We should be more happy knowing how far we’ve come.

And yet, our collective rates of happiness have gone steadily downhill. At the same time that women are rising in power in the world, we’re sinking in life satisfaction.

We’re losing touch with our uniquely feminine blessings – the very things that can heal the world!

There’s something deeply and fundamentally off with how we’re going about becoming the women we’ve dreamed of becoming, and much of it boils down to one fundamental recognition:

We’ve taken on masculine visions of success, and ended up undermining our deep feminine fulfillment.

And in the process of doing that, we’ve sabotaged our joie de vivre, our pleasure and our relationships. We’ve become more stressed, less healthy and lonelier.

It’s time to change all that – not just for ourselves, but for the sake of the world – which NEEDS us to shine with all the life-giving feminine radiance that is our birthright.

As women alive at this unique moment of history, we have a wonderfully juicy opportunity to create a model for living that goes beyond worldly achievement and expresses what truly brings us joy in our bodies, minds, hearts and soul.

We have the chance to move beyond the desire to survive, or even succeed, to THRIVE.

Sound good to you? Check out the downloadable audio course here:


The Soulful Women Mythic Life Course

with Devaa Haley Mitchell, Elayne Kalila Doughty, & Guest Faculty


Do you know you are a spiritual being, living in a human body?  Are you interested in tapping into ancient wisdom teachings, in a modern context?  Do you want to learn how to finally tap into your full potential through accessing the archetypal realm? To make the big difference in the world you yearn to make?

You’ve come to the right place.  This program merges wisdom teachings of the 13 feminine archetypes, and teaches you how to harness their “larger than life potential” to make a tangible difference on our planet.