Services Offered by Devaa Haley Mitchell


Soul Sessions with Devaa

A soul session offers us an opportunity to work together one-on-one so I can truly support you to deepen your connection to Spirit, harness your gifts, amplify your purpose for being here and magnetize all good possibilities for your life  – even in the midst of life’s toughest challenges.   [Read more »]



Goddess of Love Package

This new Goddess of Love Package is designed to be a sacred space for you to connect more deeply with the Goddess of Love and bring her sweet, kind, and nurturing energy straight into your heart.  I will personally love you up, mentor you, and support you in anchoring this energy into the depth of your being. Plus you’ll have access to my wonderful Beauty Way course, which is not currently available elsewhere.   [Read more »]


Make It Real Coaching Package

In this coaching package, you’ll get 4-hours of my undivided attention to support you in moving forward with 
your dream.  Together, we’ll craft an achievable plan for how to get into effective action on a vision and make it real.  We’ll hone the vision and craft goals, milestones, and action steps to move it forward.  I’ll provide you with ongoing accountability that can be so critical to success.  [Read more »]


Transformational Coaching

Also known as spiritual mentorship or spiritual guidance, Transformational Coaching, is a process that focuses on the conscious development of one’s spiritual path and supports her/his evolving relationship with spirit. Sessions might include dropping into a sacred space together and listening to the guidance emerging from spirit, noticing how Spirit is moving in one’s daily activities, discernment for decision-making, exploring the inner wisdom of the body, bringing wounds or life-patterns to Spirit for healing, and helping someone learn to meditate or pray–among others. [Read more »]

Sound Healing & Anointing

Used over the centuries in most every spiritual tradition, sound helps to transform energy patterns, reveals measurable effects in the physical body, and facilitates the connection between mind-body-spirit. In my practice, I combine the use of my voice and therapeutic touch with Tibetan bowls, chimes, gongs, tuning forks and other instruments to create a healing container in which spirit can work and express through me and through my clients. Within this sacred space deep seated emotional and physical blockages are encouraged to unwind and resolve. Clients are also encouraged to use their own voices, if they so desire, to express their feelings and experiences throughout the session. Through sound we also explore the ways that spirit is working in the client’s life. [Read more »]


Weddings & Sacred Ceremonies

I believe that weddings represent the most sacred union of two souls, uniting individuals, families, and traditions. This holy union requires preparation, both for the couple as well as for the ceremony. In preparing these sacred ceremonies, I totally focus on your desires and put my own sentiments aside. These rituals may be secular or spiritual in nature, incorporating whatever traditions are desired by the clients. I have a large compilation of traditional ceremonies, but I also love work with clients who prefer to design their own celebrations from scratch.
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